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  • The Institute of Education (IoE) are now responsible for LSYPE1 (known as Next Steps). Wave 8 (age 25) of the survey will take place in 2015. For further information please see: http://www.cls.ioe.ac.uk/page.aspx?&sitesectionid=1246&sitesectiontitle=Welcome+to+Next+Steps+(LSYPE) Any queries about the LSYPE1 data should be directed to clsfeedback@ioe.ac.uk
  • PLEASE NOTE: It is no longer possible to register with this site or download National Pupil Database (NPD data). Users wishing to download data should visit: http://discover.ukdataservice.ac.uk/series/?sn=2000030
  • The Department for Education is undertaking a second Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (known to respondents as "Our Future"). Starting in spring 2013, we interviewed 13,100 young people and their parents or other responsible adults in the first wave of the survey - our aim is to interview as many as possible of that initial sample each year for the next 6 years - from age 13/14 to age 19/20. If you would like more information please contact ourfuture.study@education.gsi.gov.uk



The Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE), also known as Next Steps :

  • is a large-scale survey managed by the Department for Education (DfE).
  • began in 2004 when 15,770 young people (then aged between 13 and 14) were interviewed along with their parents.

    LSYPE is longitudinal in design, meaning that we interview the same young people every year. Topics include :

  • attitudes to school,
  • aspirations for future work and study,
  • friends and family,
  • use of leisure time,
  • as the young people get older, describe transitions to college/university,
  • work or unemployment.

    With each year (or wave) of data an increasingly rich picture is given of young people and the families in which they develop. These data, combined with information from their schooling and their local neighbourhood, provide a unique and invaluable resource for analysis.


    About iLSYPE: interactive-LSYPE


    iLSYPE exists to make anonymised LSYPE data and metadata (data about data, such as sampling details, questionnaires, coding schemes) available to the public, researchers and academics alike.

    Browsing individual files reveals the variables that make up the file, giving details such as survey question, response rates, and basic frequencies. A common classification scheme enables browsing by topic area. By selecting and linking variables from different files users can create bespoke files.

    Additionally, entering a search term automatically extracts relevant variables from all the public iLSYPE files into a single virtual dataset which users can browse and modify.

    Read more about LSYPE or go to the User Guide.