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Linking (or create datasets)


This feature allows you to create custom datasets managed by the system. Note that conceptually the linking is "soft", meaning that the dataset does not own a copy of linked variables it owns the links. In other words, iLSYPE remembers how you created your custom dataset, rather than make an additional copy of the source data. It is a subtle but yet very important difference: it means that any changes or corrections to the source data or metadata for a variable will automatically lead to updates in your custom datasets also. 

Datasets are saved by the system. You can come back later and modify them.

Create a dataset

You need to have registered. This creates a private workspace where datasets can be created.


On the workspace page, there a link named 'Create dataset' which lets you create an empty dataset ready to be filled.

From a dataset

While browsing any dataset, you can select variables in the variables list. Once happy with the selection, on the top right of the list a link named 'Create a dataset with selected variables' allows you to create a dataset containing selected variables.

From a search

From a search result, on the top right of the variables list a link named 'Create a dataset with these variables' allows to create a dataset containing found variables.

The 'Link' tab

This is the place where you can add and remove linked variables from an existing dataset. The variables list on the left contains the actual linked variables. The "classic" and wider variables list on the right is where you can select and deselect variables.

The display options controls the list on the right the same way it does in the 'Browse' tab.

You have two options to populate the list/tree on the right. Either by searching either by selecting some other datasets.

Added variables

surveyID and weights are automatically added to datasets. You don't need to take care of selecting them.