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Browsing datasets

Dataset information

When you have write permissions on the dataset, you might edit the label and description of the dataset. Links to documention either on iLSYPE or externally are possible.

Default weight is the weight advised to be used while doing analysis with the data. When the data contains variables from different waves, the default weight comes from the last wave.

Display Options

When no display option is selected, variables usually appear in the order of the questionnaire.

'Classify by topic' is useful when you want variables to be grouped inside categories you can unfold.

'Sort special' is useful when variables from more than one wave are selected: it attempts to list variables repeated across waves consecutively.



At many places you will find a from which you can get the variable metadata : label, description, universe, source question, derivation scripts, basic statistics, coding scheme, etc.


Currently there are two types of graph you can have. They are available when dependencies to source variables for derived variables have been collected.

  • Derivation graph is a convenient way of viewing what are the sources of the derivation. Nodes are clickable to display variable metadata.
  • Derivation usage graph is the same information displayed the reversed way. It displays variables that use the current variable as a source of their derivation script.