These are the data files of the dataset. Download them to get the data for the variables of this dataset and make your statistical analysis.

A citation is more formal than an acknowledgement. It follows a standard format and should include enough information so that the exact version of the data being cited can be located. It does not include information on sponsor or copyright. As an example the recommended format for citation is: This research was based on the Longitudinal Survey for Young People in England, 2004-2010, sponsored by the Department for Education, and supplied by SDA/Gide through iLSYPE. The data are Crown copyright.

Documentation & metadata
The following documents contain a comprehensive documentation including graphs of the variables contained in this dataset. They are all the same (in a different format). Try it ! These files are spreadsheets you can download to get the description of variable in tables. These are dictionnary files for several statistical packages.